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2. What are the types of child care providers that are eligible for payment through the Child Care Assistance Program?
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There are five types of child care providers eligible to serve CCAP children.

1. Early Learning Centers (Type III): serves seven or more children unrelated to the owner and must be licensed by the department.

2. Family Child Care Provider: provides care in the provider's home. A Family Child Care provider must care for no more than six children, including the provider's own children, and any other children living at the residence who are under age 13, or age 13 through 17 with special needs.

3. In Home Provider: only provides care for children who live at the residence.

4. School Child Care Provider: public and nonpublic schools that operate pre-kindergarten, before- and after-school programs, and summer programs.

5. Military Child Care Center: a center licensed by the Department of Defense

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